• Revenue from wastewater
  • Low risk implementation
  • Ecological, social, and economical balance




Prior to starting WR2 Development, David Keil was a vice president and area business group manager of a top 10 water/wastewater engineering firm and a Principal Engineer at a small Boise-based engineering firm. David led the large firm's effort to provide mechanical and structural design engineering for the first commercial nutrient recovery facility in the United States (Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies at Clean Water Services Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant). He also led the small firm's effort to become involved with the mechanical design of the first Hypertrophic™ industrial biological wastewater treatment process and biomass harvesting system for two malting plants in Idaho Falls.

Water resource recovery infrastructure produces byproducts with the value and yield to reduce a facility owner's capital and operating costs over competing treatment alternatives. It can simultaneously provide a return on capital investment. 



Owner David Keil has been involved with water and wastewater facility engineering and construction for over 20 years and his projects have won awards for innovation or program of the year.  

Choosing your technology

Whether you are interested in mixed biomass, nutrient crystallization and recovery, biogas augmentation and power generation, heat recovery, other water resource recovery technology, or any combination of them, we can help you find the right fit - with a payback - and deliver it to your facility. 

Water Resource Recovery Development’s mission is to improve the well-being of our employees and our partners through integrity, positive financial results, a strong social conscience, and implementation of projects that have a net ecological benefit.

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